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Monterrey, MX

I recently went to Monterrey, MX for a series of #WestAfrican #djembe and #dunun workshops led by my teacher and mentor, #MamadyKeïta.

We learned several new rhythms created by Mamady, and some really cool breaks to existing traditional rhythms.

I also tested for #TTMDA certification with TTMDA Senior Certified Teacher, Michael Taylor while I was there. Of the 8 current levels, I tested for (and passed) levels 1-3. It took 4 1/2 hours, covered 23 traditional rhythms, with 9 to 11 parts each, plus the regional origins, historical and cultural details of each rhythm. I am now eligible to test for the TTMDA Beginning Djembe Instructor certification, as well as continue testing through the Intermediate and Advanced levels.

It was an amazing time, and we even got to celebrate my daughter Mya's birthday, TTMDA Monterrey style

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