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MoC • reboot

So, it's been a while... but DarinDavid, and I converged on my basement this past November after an (over)extended hiatus from MoC. We set up some cameras, and for 3 days we recorded into a pair of Schoeps CMC6's with MK4 capsules in an ORTF configuration.

I dumped it all into FCP (my first real venture into video editing) and added some eye candy so you don't have to look at our ugly mugs the whole time.

There's more to come, but we wanted to share what happened right out of the gate... (we recommend headphones) enjoy!



I'll be adding more content here eventually, but for now, enjoy these photos of one of my favorite places to be in the world:

TTMDA • Taylor

I recently saw a YouTube video of my friend Taylor performing his original African folklore piece, "Hand of the Master" at the 18th Annual KoSA International Drum & Percussion Camp in Vermont in the Summer of 2013.  I was lucky enough to get Taylor to let me record it here in the studio... enjoy!

In April of 2016, I completed work on and released the 1st phase of an iOS app I built for TTMDA and my mentor and teacher, Mamady Keïta.  I'll be adding more to this soon, but here are some screen shots:

Mamady Keita TTMDA djembeföla! djembe app iOS
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